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Does Shaw offer single or team positions?
We offer team runs only. Based on company seniority you will have the ability to bid and ultimately obtain a dedicated run.

How much will I make as an Linehaul (OTR) driver for Shaw?
Based on our current mileages, our drivers typically make between $55,000 and $75,000 their first year. After that, you can control your income somewhat by how hard you work. The average pay for last year was approximately $80,000. Our top performer earned approximately $100,000 last year.

Is there a guarantee for number of miles per week?
No, but as a general rule our teams average 4800 miles a week..

How much time will I get off?
All trips start and finish in Dalton, GA. Typically, a driver will get off an average of 1 to 2 days a week. We are currently working on bid programs that will help schedule the off time as consistently as possible. Right now you can generally plan to be off at least one day on the weekend and then another 24 hours of off time spread throughout the week.

When will I be eligible for health insurance?
Drivers are eligible for medical benefits after 3 months of service. You must enroll for benefits to receive coverage. Shaw offers annual enrollment thereafter to enable employees to add, drop, or change coverage's. Employees are given advance notice of the approaching annual period to ensure that they have sufficient time to make desired changes.

What type of equipment does Shaw operate? Set up? Speed?
Our fleet consists of automatic 2015 Volvo tractors. Maintenance is performed by a combination of in-house, Penske, and Salem National.  Speed is governed to 70 mph on cruise control.  Our tractor trade cycle ranges between 36-72 months depending on team or solo application.  All trailers are Great Dane 53' Vans with an average age of 5-6 years.

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